Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hey Blogville!

Aroooo everyone! We finally managed to get Her off her tail and at least let everyone know we are still around. We've been busy helping Mom with the yard and the house after the much needed, but not that much, rain! Now it's just H-O-T and the ground is already beginning to crack. Gotta love Texas weather!

We're all doing pretty well. Riley has made some progress with his allergies. He's on a limited ingredient diet and taking fish oil supplements and surviving water torture once a week. The fur on his legs is beginning to grow in, but he still chews occasionally. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and well wishes. About the time Riley had the allergy stuff going on testing started at school and things just seemed to pile up. She apologizes for not responding to everyone, but wants you to know that we read every comment and suggestion and you guys were very helpful!

We're just gonna post a few pics. No big news (that's good, right?) Thinking of all of you!

Seth had great fun digging up the yard. This is one of many holes he managed to accomplished. He did have a goal…get the moles. Mom isn't sure who is doing more damage. I vote Seth.

Chocolate dipped Scottie!

Then the yard work began…this is us, ummm, helping. Yeah, that's it!

Braeden snoopervising as usual. Seth searching for more moles. So far he has yet to catch one. And the yard work continues. This week we planted 17 yards of grass. New shrubs and flowers are on the horizon!

And finally….duckies! A very uncommon sight!

Happy Thursday!

Braeden, Seth and Riley

P.S. Don't tell anyone, but we snuck out and took the Blogville firetruck for a spin. What a ride!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Allergies - Yikes!

Hi guys! Riley here. Mom needs a bit of help. We haven't done much posting in a while, mostly because Braeden and I have been in and out of the dogtor's office so many times in the last couple of months She just couldn't keep up.

Anyway, I know some of you have allergies, and I've joined the ranks. After lots of tests, they discovered I have FOOD allergies, of all things! I'm allergic to beef, eggs, flax and sweet potatoes! I'm now on a limited ingredient food, which seems to be helping some BUTT I decided to feast on acorns and twigs in the yard and ended up in the hospital with gastritis. *sigh* We got that under control, and even though they were reminded several times about the food allergies, they (the V-E-T) gave me some bland food to eat for about a week afterwards. Guess what was in it? Yep, BEEF and EGGS! When the Peeps figured it out, they quit feeding it to me, but I had already done a number on my leg furnishings. The problem is, I keep pulling the hair out and my back legs are bald!

So, we have a few of questions…

If you have allergies, what do your Peeps do to relieve the itching?

Do you have to take lots of baths?

Do you have to eat "special" food, too?

Do you use coconut oil, or any other types of supplements to help with your skin and fur? If you put it on your skin, how does your Peep keep you from licking it off?

If you do use supplements, are they topical or do you get them with pill pockets, or on your food?

Do you have any suggestions for my Peeps to keep me from chewing and scratching and ripping my hair out?

Any info you can give the Peeps is appreciated! I'm wearing them out with the ripping and chewing.

This photo was just the beginning. I am now hairless on both back legs. And I've started on my chin. I will be a sad looking Junior Officer if They can't get this under control. And I need to look good in my cap and badge!


Monday, April 13, 2015

Mischief Monday

The shenanigans are real. We've missed sharing them with you guys. She has some pretty lame excuses, so we will just tell you that we DEMANDED she post SOMETHING or we would all exact our revenge.

While She was working in the yard, SOMEDOGGY got into a bit of mischief. See that big white blob at the top? That's not stuffy-stuffing, thats SAND. On carpet. 

The remains of Her treasured Scottie door stop. The little culprit though it was a STUFFY.


Happy Mischief Monday Efurrybuddy!

Braeden, Seth and Riley

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Heart 2 Heart Dance

What a great time we had at the Heart 2 Heart Dance! Seth and I took the adorable BFF's Whitley and Finley! We picked them up at their house and met the Moms, had a few snacks YUM! and played with Whitley's new stuffie! She's the perfect Southern Belle and doesn't mind sharing!

After the meet and greet was finally over successfully accomplished, we trotted out the door to the Dance. Seth and I knew we were gonna have a great time. Finley and Whitley are fun-lovin' gals who enjoy a fun night on the town! We finally made it to the dance, after Seth made a few wrong turns, and refused to use the GPS! We even saw a few Valentine Zombies on the way! That was scary! BUTT we got to the Blogville Regency Hotel just in time to have our picture taken on the red carpet! Here we are with some of our Blogville furiends! Doesn't everyone look great? Wow, Princess Leah and Chester make an adorable couple!

We then headed to the Photo Booth to have our Couple's pictures made. I just love this picture of Finley and me. She looks beautiful in her new pink dress!

Then it was Seth and Whitley's turn in the Photo Booth. We think they may have stayed in there a little too long BOL

Riley even had his picture taken TWICE!  He said he had a great time in the Youth room with all his furiends and had a blast in the bounce house, sliding (Whew! thank goodness he missed Teddy!)  and peeking through the window at the grownups! He says he saw Madi twerking…how are we gonna explain this to Mom? Here's his adorable Valentine card they made. 

We had a wonderful time at the dance, and we hope that you had a great time too! Thanks so much to Mayors Stanley and Murphy's Mom and Arty's Mom for putting together a fantastic dinner and dance! We know all of Blogville will be talking about this for a LONG time (not to mention the twerking incident BOL)! 

Thank you Finley and Whitley for being our dates! We had a great time, and hope you had fun! We will remember this day forever…the day two of the prettiest Westies went with us to our FIRST EVER Valentine's Day party! Huh? Oh, yeah I'll ask her….Finley, Seth wants to know if you still have some of those hot dogs left over from dinner. He says he should have ordered the triple-meat burger at Whataburger on the way home. 

Hope Ya'll have a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Selfie

I'm glad I got to bring home one of the BPD cameras! I've been practicing at home!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Please say YES!

I really wanted to do it up in true Scottie style, but it's been a long week (already) and Mom said we needed to get a move on or I would miss my chance!

Finley, I would love to take you to the dance. I will be waiting by the yaptop for your reply.