Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our First Post

She did it! Mom finally got the blog thingy down, with LOTS of help and patience from Jazzi's mom! Waggies to you, Jazzi's mom! I don't know if She would have ever figured it out on Her own. We can't wait to make lots of friends in Blogville. We've been reading your posts and must say We love snoopering around to see what fun you have been up to.

A little about us:


I am a brindle Scottie, and I'm 4 years old. Mom adopted me from the Rescue in Dallas in May, 2010. The people who owned me before I went to live with my foster peeps did not have a connection with me, and decided I just wasn't the right dog for them. Some people... Mom fell for me when we had our meet and greet and the rest, as they say, is history. I am kinda shy when I first meet people, but once I get to know them, we're friends fur life. I'm the Chief Shenanigans Officer around here, and I have to keep my adopted brother in line...he's still catching on to the way things work.


I am a wheaten Scottie, and my barkday is November 20th, right around the corner! I will be 2 years old. I came to live with Braeden and the peeps on September 22, 2013. I'm the resident mole chaser and I love to dig, and much to Mom's dismay, eat acorns. I still have lots of puppy energy, so I'm a bit of a challenge, but I'm lovin' my new furever home!

                   Seth                                                                         Braeden

So, that's a little about Us. We're getting a bit impawtient cuz it's dinnertime (yay food!), so we're off. Have a fantastic Wednesday!