Thursday, December 1, 2016

And so it begins...

We had our (almost) annual Christmas card picture taking fiasco this weekend. It started out well enough, three pawsome dogs, bling, leashes and the flashy beast. So far so good.  We went to a nice botanical garden, but it was so busy She didn't think we would be able to focus on our glamour shots, so we ended up driving around for 87 hours and finally settled on the area around city hall. Nice big tree, not many people. Perfect! For about 5 minutes. Braeden transformed from mild mannered Scottie to obstinate donkey, Riley had to inspect each tree, shrub and blade of grass, and Seth escaped from his collar. Mom and the human sis looked ridiculous trying to hold onto two disinterested doggies while chasing down a third who had absolutely no interest in "stay." And "GET HIM!" probably didn't help the situation. Anyway......

They managed to take 139 (actual number) pictures of us, all of which are pretty much deserving of lining for Charlemagne the guinea pig's cage.

This one may end up on our's one of the best ones. Don't laugh. We are the definition of Keystone Cops.

This is Charlemagne. He's a rescue, too. But that's another story. And this isn't his blog.

Braeden, Seth and Riley