Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanks Blogville!

It was a little over a year ago that we discovered Blogville. We were quietly searching Scottish Terriers when we came upon Stuart's blog. After reading and following links, we discovered a wonderful place where all pets were welcome. Our first contact was with Stuart, who featured us on Fun Foto Friday. Then we saw a post for the Christmas Card/Gift Exchange. We put our best paws forward and asked Angel Jazzi's mom if we could join in even though we didn't have a blog. She welcomed us and included us on the list. We were hooked. We setup our blog, with LOTS of help, and began sharing our shenanigans. That first year We received over 80 holiday cards! What a BIG deal for two Scotties from Texas!

Since beginning our blog, we have made so many pawsome friends.  From the tips of our ears to the end of our little Scottie tails we thank each of you for making us laugh (usually with tears running down our faces), sharing your stories, POTP, helping Her with technical difficulties (and there have been many), recipes that we are sure She will make, parties, margaritas, popes, pirates, dingoes, roos, zombies, bat dogs, reassurance,  tree rat catching advice, encouragement, reading our blog and commenting on our posts, and  putting up with our erratic posting.

Thank you, Blogville, for being a place where everyone is welcome and borders don't exist. For allowing us to be part of your lives. But mostly, as SWTS would say, Thank you for being a friend!

We wish you all a most Wondrous Holiday Season with time to stop and sniff the trees, take a walk with the Peeps, and leave some heartfelt peemail for the next pup who might just tell their Peeps what a great place Blogville is.

Happy Thanksgiving, Blogville!

Braeden, Seth, Riley and the Peeps

"Ummm...where's the turkey?"
 "Quiet Seth, this is NOT about your stomach!"
"But Braaeeeden, She LOCKED the food bin!"
"Oh my dog, quit whining."

And so it goes…...