Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Oh My Teeth!

When I was born my lower jaw was not long enough. So when I was just a little guy I had some teeth pulled and they did therapy to lengthen my jaw and move my teeth. It worked pretty well, but I still have this thing called a malocclusion, also known as an overbite or the ability to eat apples from a picket fence. I think it makes me look kinda dashing, in a Rhett Butler kind of way. The big problem is one of my lower canines is kinda pushed in and might be hitting my palate. .It doesn't really bother me, but Mom wants to make sure I'm not gonna have problems later on. Soooooo.....

I went to the Orthodogtist yesterday.  First the nice technician lady took us on a tour and I got to see everything...even the operating room and the Orthodogtist's doggie that gets to go to work with him EVERYDAY! How cool is that? (I can't go with Mom to work cuz she works at a school and I'm kinda rambunctious). Everybody ooohed and ahhhed over me and told me how handsome I am. Then we went to the torture exam room. The Orthodogtist came in and talked to Mom and the human sis, Emily. Then the fun started...I tried to escape but The Traitor Mom made me stay and have the exam. The Orthodogtist was very nice, but I was NOT in the mood to have my face held. So, I was a bit (that could be an understatement) cantankerous....I even GROWLED at Him! But, he just talked to me and rubbed my face and I gave in. Who can resist face rubs?? Anyway, they took lots of pictures of my teeth. And rubbed this little stick thingy over my gums. I love sticks, so I was thinking Yay! Something to play with! Unfortunately, it just shows how much icky periodogtal bacterias are in my mouth. It wasn't too bad, but I definitely need my chompers cleaned. Anyway, after the humiliation of being held too close (I don't like being confined), which caused the GROWLING, they let me snooper around and I took a nap on the chair while they decided my fate discussed what was best for me and my teeth.

They didn't think I was listening, but I have to have a bit of surgery. The Orthodogtist has to take out some of the stuffs inside the offending tooth, and then make it shorter so it doesn't hit my palate....I think they must mean plate...I really don't care if my teeth hit my plate, that's where the food is, but whatever! She hasn't said when this indignity will occur, so I'm off the leash for now.  Keep your paws crossed for me. I don't think I like this idea, but I'm sure I can use it to my advantage in some way. Perhaps a few extra treats and cuddle time with the Peeps. That would work for me!

I hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful my Mom cares so much that she wants to do what's right for me and my teeth. Oh...and for turkey! And maybe Braeden....

On my way to the Orthodogtist