Monday, February 2, 2015

POTP Please

It's been a rough weekend for us here at Scottie Shenanigans. It began Friday night when Braeden went to the vet. Turns out he had a pretty bad ear infection related to allergies. He came home with Posatex and Prednisone to treat the infection.

Saturday morning started off fine. Breakfast, Trifexis, Lunch, Prednisone, Posatex, Dinner (and a few treats for good measure). So far, so good. On Sunday we started again minus the Trifexis. After a late lunch he threw up. Okay, so that happens sometimes, right? Of course, he was drinking quite a bit of water which I attributed to the Prednisone, so I figured he had overindulged in the water bowl. Dinner came about 8:30. 10:30 more throwing up. He drank more water. 11:45, yep more throwing up. By this time I had become quite concerned. He's never been a puker. I honestly can't say how many more times this happened throughout the night. Maybe three? Four?

At 7:15 this morning I coaxed him to the car (okay, so maybe I carried him). He was quite subdued on the car ride, laying in the seat. Braeden loves car rides, once you get him in the car so by then I was sure there was a serious problem. The vet opened at 7:30. No appointment, no problem. I was able to talk with the vet tech and give her the rundown and written sequence of events. She suggested they do a blood workup but would have the dogtor call me if he recommended anything else. Within the hour, the dogtor called. Pancreatitis. Elevated blood levels. They would do an x-ray to rule out other problems and start him on IV fluids. Thankfully the x-rays came back normal. No growths, no enlarged organs. So pancreatitis it is. Braeden will be in the hospital at least overnight and through the day tomorrow. I considered bringing him home overnight and taking him back in the morning for more IV treatments, but with all the activity around here, I decided it was best if he had some quiet and could get some rest. Not to mention he was pretty ticked off when Seth ate this morning and he didn't get any food. I couldn't do that to him twice in one day!

 The dogtor is going to call this evening with an update. Hopefully there will be improvement from this morning. Please take a moment to send some POTP through the airwaves to Texas. Braeden and I would very much appreciate it.

PeeS...Braeden asks that you not judge the blanket. He had already thrown up on the two "good" ones. This was all we could find. And yes, those are Scottie sheets. He knows you won't judge those. BOL