Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hey Blogville!

Aroooo everyone! We finally managed to get Her off her tail and at least let everyone know we are still around. We've been busy helping Mom with the yard and the house after the much needed, but not that much, rain! Now it's just H-O-T and the ground is already beginning to crack. Gotta love Texas weather!

We're all doing pretty well. Riley has made some progress with his allergies. He's on a limited ingredient diet and taking fish oil supplements and surviving water torture once a week. The fur on his legs is beginning to grow in, but he still chews occasionally. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and well wishes. About the time Riley had the allergy stuff going on testing started at school and things just seemed to pile up. She apologizes for not responding to everyone, but wants you to know that we read every comment and suggestion and you guys were very helpful!

We're just gonna post a few pics. No big news (that's good, right?) Thinking of all of you!

Seth had great fun digging up the yard. This is one of many holes he managed to accomplished. He did have a goal…get the moles. Mom isn't sure who is doing more damage. I vote Seth.

Chocolate dipped Scottie!

Then the yard work began…this is us, ummm, helping. Yeah, that's it!

Braeden snoopervising as usual. Seth searching for more moles. So far he has yet to catch one. And the yard work continues. This week we planted 17 yards of grass. New shrubs and flowers are on the horizon!

And finally….duckies! A very uncommon sight!

Happy Thursday!

Braeden, Seth and Riley

P.S. Don't tell anyone, but we snuck out and took the Blogville firetruck for a spin. What a ride!