Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Seth -1 Trespasser - 0

So, the other night I was outside surveying my kingdom before bedtime. Braeden and I usually scout it out before we are forced to go to bed. Well, Braeden decided to head on in, which left me with the huge responsibility of making sure all was well. Mom heard me barking but didn't come our right away, and lucky for me the patio light was burned out....cuz LOOK what I did!

I deaded my first possum! Mom didn't see him until the next morning, and boy am I glad. She would have made me sleep alone in my crate.

BUT, now that I have a new little brother to watch out for, She can be proud of my hunting abilities and appreciate my Scottish heritage!

I still haven't deaded a squirrel, but I sure tell them who runs the backyard! Maybe one day...

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Seth the Hunter