Monday, January 12, 2015

Meh Monday

This was not how I expected to spend the next 14 days. The cone of shame is the result of my little procedure on Friday. I will say, this cute little accessory is much better than that big ol' plastic thing. Now THAT was a disaster! I'm okay, this is just the aftermath of being subjected to the ol' snip-snip. Yep, they took my manhood away. But that's okay. I'm a responsible pup. And I'm still a cutie. And I'm being treated like a king. But that's not unusual. I'm getting extra treats and snuggles, since I can't romp with Braeden and Seth. It's all good. Don't I look good in teal?

Friday, January 9, 2015

Inauguration Day!

Junior Officer Riley reporting for duty! Today is my first day on the job as a Junior Office and I am so excited to part of The Doodz Inauguration!

I've been working all day getting my furs just right, and my pawsome new Junior Officer Police Cap polished and looking pawfessional. I hope I can impress my new boss, Top Cop Sidebites. He's a seasoned pawfessional, and I want to make him proud of me! Here he is in charge of communications. Whoa doggies, I gotta get some of those official looking Ray-Bans!

I've been assigned crowd control and security for the big event today. I'm working with some pawsome  Officers today! Officer Sully is piloting the Blogville Police Department helicopter. One day I hope to fly in Chopper 1with him.

Officer Abby is responsible for making sure I get things right. I have to keep…..What's that? A disturbance at 7th Street and Blogville Way? We have to head out now? 10-4 I'm ready to rock and roll! OMD my first ride in an OFFICIAL Blogville Police Car! Woo-hoo! I'm ready to put my training to the test! Put the pedal to the metal Officer Abby. Let's get these guys!

Can you believe the ba… (sorry, hehe) nerve of these interloping, mischief causing squirrels? Trying to disrupt the Doodz inauguration? Well, we got 'em! We took 'em down before they knew what hit 'em!

We rounded 'em up and loaded 'em in the transport. Police Commissioner Sarge really knows how to deal with the criminal types!

I'm headed back to do surveillance and crowd control with the rest of the Officers. After I find my Junior Officer Police cap. It flew off when Sully landed Chopper 1. I hope I don't get demerits for that.

Another exciting day in Blogville, protecting and serving our great Community!

Junior Officer Riley, over and out.