Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Update on Braeden

First of all, a BIG Thank You to everyone for their comments, support and POTP for Braeden! He was able to come home tonight! We are still watching him like hawks, but he seems to be doing well having been so sick! He's a bit subdued, although a little restless, and seems happy to be home. He still has the catheter in his leg for the IV, but it doesn't appear to bother him.

Braeden is allowed to have a tablespoon and a half of food every hour and a half. He's on a low fat food, and he is tolerating it well. Honestly, it doesn't look very appetizing, but you would think he was feasting on prime rib! After 36 or so hours without food, we suppose anything tastes good. He's drinking water, but is having a bit of trouble with cone interference BOL That's probably more my fault than anything else. We haven't had much experience with the Cone of Shame.

We have an appointment with the dogtor at 8 am tomorrow. If all goes well tonight they will remove the catheter and let him come home. He will be on a restrictive diet to help prevent any more occurrences. A small price to pay to keep him healthy! We are very grateful to have such a wonderful dogtor and staff take care of Braeden.

Braeden wants to tell you that he has agreed to let me post pictures of him if he could watch Animal Planet tonight.  So here goes…looks like it's gonna be an exciting evening of TV watching!

This is humiliating. Can we decorate it? Like you would sign a cast?

This is where my catheter is. I think red was a great choice of color, but I hope they take it off tomorrow

Sometimes ya just gotta put your paws up and relax. It's a great night for Animal Planet.

Thanks again for all your well wishes! It means the world to us!

Grateful Waggies,
From the Scottie Shenanigans Clan