Sunday, June 15, 2014

She did it, thanks to Kyla!

Okay, well almost a day late and a brain short, the elusive video has been successfully uploaded and is ready for viewing. This is a trial run, so bear with us...lots of barking and growling and blank space. To those of you who have major blogging skills, we applaud your abilities.

If you can't view it, please let Her know. That means She has more work to do...

Braeden and Seth (and one worn out Peep)

Slithering Saturday (and into Sunday)

OMD! We had a pawsome Saturday! The Peep was working in the yard (please ignore the state of the flowerbed, it's coming out and being redone), and we went exploring.....Mom THOUGHT we had cornered a cicada (and if she coulda uploaded a video you woulda heard it), but she soon discovered we had found something much more interesting:

Lucky for us it isn't poisonous, just a big ol' rat snake. But She keeps checking to be sure it's gone...what a killjoy! 

All that excitement kinda wore us out. So while She finished the yard, we did what we do best...NAP!

After 4 hours, threats to pitch the Mac in the trash and lots of HBO words (some we think she made up) she finally gave up trying to post a video. If anyone can help, we would really like to be "in the movies." She just can't seem to figure it's the same problem with blog hops. We think we need a new assistant. This just isn't working for us anymore.

Not sure what day it is, but hope it's a GREAT one!

Braeden and Seth