Friday, December 26, 2014

Dory's Pawty - The Big Day!

Today is the Big Day - Dory's Pawty! We have been waiting forever! We have been working on our manners because we are taking two of the most pawsome gals in Blogville! We wanted to show them a really great time, but all of the sleighs were rented and we could not get one.  Looks like The Slacker She blew it again. But…enough of that. Look who we are taking to the pawty!

I (Braeden) am taking Finley to the pawty! Isn't she just adorable in her Christmas outfit and antlers? Finley is a real Southern gal and very charming. And what style! She really dresses to impress! I am just beside myself that I get to take such a great gal to the pawty!


I hope you like these yellow roses, Finley! I thought they were perfect because you are a beautiful yellow rose from Texas!

I (Seth) will be attending Dory's pawty with Hailey! I just know we are going to have a pawsome time! I think Hailey is just the cutest pup! And I love those snowman pajamas! I definitely think that blue is her color! I hope I make it in time to pick her up for our date because it's a long way from Texas to Canada! That sleigh and a few reindeer would have come in handy *ahem - Mom* Maybe we will just arrive fashionably late BOL!

Braeden thinks he is the only one who can impress a girl! BOL! Hailey, I picked these red roses out just for you! They are so pretty and I thought they would look great with your blue snowman pajamas! 

And we hope you girls don't mind, but She said Riley has to go with us or we can't go to the pawty! HE We promise he will be good and not get into mischief. And since he's on the list with Her, we are sure he will be on his best behavior! Right, Riley?

Yo, Puppy! You better hide that before She sees you, or you won't be going anywhere, cute or not!

Okay, okay. Sheesh. I'm ready to go.  Let's PAWTY!

Hope to see you at Dory's! 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We want to wish everyone in Blogville a Merry, Merry Christmas! We Our assistant has been slacking and has not posted for us, so we gotta catch up!

First, the card count….

Us 47 (33 snail mail & 14 e-cards)
Peeps 1

The "1" was from family, so technically that's ours, too BOL!  Butt, since it is Christmas, we'll let Her count it.

Thank you to everyone for thinking of us!

We had a great time opening our pressies! Mac and Jazzi sent us an some really pawsome gifts!

Everyone takes turns checking it out

Riley did the puppy thing and played with the tape!

Seth claimed the Kong chewie

Everyone had a blast when we had a snowball fight!

Braeden can't wait to dig into the treats!
After much FUN and EXCITEMENT and TREATS it was time to settle down and WAIT…

Riley sleeps with his special stuffie from Mac
Seth snoozes on the sofa
Braeden keeps a watchful eye for Santa Paws

Santa Paws came bright and early. Braeden found our gifts and alerted everyone that the Jolly One had indeed stopped at our house!

We were not sure if we would receive pressies from Santa…SOMEDOGGY had been a bit mischevious and done things like THIS...

and THIS…

OMD She 'bout had a cow! There were no more in the store, and We checked the intermutts…

We were certain that this would put all three of us on the NAUGHTY list!

BUTT Santa Paws couldn't  resist THIS

We are very glad he is cute. And that the cute has not worn off. We would be VERY unhappy.

The Slacker Mom was derelict in her photographer duties and did not get pics of us with our Santa Paws gifts, but We had an AWESOME day!

We hope you had an AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL day, too!

Waggies from the Scottie Shenanigans CLAN!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Not So Silent - for Ranger

We went to the fur stealers right before Thanksgiving. It's a long drive to the other side of Dallas, about 40 miles, but She likes the way the cut our furs. Anywho, on the way home We saw this sign and told her She HAD to take a picture of it for Ranger! We made sure She was not driving (do stop lights count?). She managed to snap this before the light changed.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Mischief Monday

This was from our photoshoot on Saturday for our Christmas Cards. You will not see any adorable pictures of Us sitting on this bench and smiling at the camera on our cards. 

In this one, we did better, 2/3 of us were facing the right direction. Seth got the giggles and She could not get him to stop. This one will also not be on our holiday card.

She FINALLY gave up. And we did not get a walk afterwards. She said "we could wear out a squirrel." We are not sure what is wrong with that. Isn't that what we are supposed to do?